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David Krieger – Bankruptcy Attorney

David Krieger
Co-founder and Owner of Haines & Krieger

The financial crisis has unleashed a staggering number of bankruptcies and foreclosures in Las Vegas, and it’s left many cash-strapped consumers frantically looking for ways to recession-proof their assets, and to get a fresh start on their lives.

That is where David Krieger steps in. An experienced Las Vegas consumer bankruptcy attorney, and experienced in foreclosure solutions, and debt & credit management, David is co-founder and owner of Haines and Krieger in Las Vegas. Having helped thousands of people in Las Vegas during these difficult times, he is on a self-proclaimed mission to turn the downward economy into an upward trend – at least as far as protecting people’s money and saving people’s homes is concerned. A tall order indeed, considering that Las Vegas is suffering from record levels of foreclosures and bankruptcies. Amid the economic turmoil, Krieger, 37, offers hope and tangible relief to financially ailing clients, allowing them to avoid devastating losses, and get a fresh start on their lives.

“I understand and empathize with their predicament, and use the legal system to help them hold on to their assets, dignity, and sanity,” says Krieger, who has saved thousands of homes in Las Vegas from foreclosure. “Everyone’s financial situation is unique. My philosophy is ‘help good people through bad times’”.



Talking about helping people get a fresh start on life, and saving properties from foreclosure is one thing, but actually going the extra mile and bringing positive results is quite another. This is where Krieger’s experience and expertise in consumer bankruptcy, and foreclosure solutions comes into play.


“Regarding bankruptcy in Las Vegas, our law firm has proven time and again that filing for bankruptcy can be a legitimate choice to maintain assets and start a new financial plan,” he explains. “It invokes the power of federal law called the bankruptcy ‘stay’, which forces creditors to cease all collection efforts immediately. This means that after a bankruptcy is filed, creditors cannot foreclose, repossess, sue, garnish, call, or undertake any other actions to collect a debt without first getting permission of the Bankruptcy Court. This allows the consumer to basically call a ‘time out’ and freeze creditors in their tracks, while they reorganize their debts in Chapter 13, or discharge them entirely in Chapter 7. And depending on each person’s current financial situation, there are now other options besides bankruptcy.

“There are also alternatives to bankruptcy today that may be right for some people, such as loan modifications and more. We use the current laws in place to decide on the best possible option for each individual and/or family, because everyone’s situation is unique.”


David’s commitment and dedication to smoothing out the rough financial patches, as well as the sensitive and respectful way he treats those who are on the brink of losing all that they own, is appreciated by thousands of grateful clients in Las Vegas.

I was very reluctant about filing bankruptcy because of the stigma that sometimes goes along with it. What really helped make up my mind was the very useful information about laws and procedures given to me at no expense by Mr. Krieger. Having exhausted my resources, this really helped me. After my first meeting, I not only felt relieved but confident in my choice. I’m so glad for what you have done, you have turned my life around. Thank you and God bless!

Victor C., Henderson, NV

Such testimonials, Krieger says, “are heartwarming and prove to me that I chose the right path in life – to help people in what seem to be truly hopeless situations.”

You can read a bigger list of testimonials from some of our grateful clients here.

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Areas of Practice

  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Foreclosures
  • Short Sales
  • Loan Modifications
  • Debt Collection Abuse
  • Credit Report Violations

Bar Admissions

  • New Jersey, 2002
  • Nevada, 2004
  • District of Columbia (D.C.), March 10, 2017

Professional Associations & Memberships

  • National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • American Bankruptcy Institute
  • American Bar Association
  • American Consumer Bankruptcy College


  • Rutgers School of Law, Newark – 2001 (J.D.)
  • New York University – 1998 (B.A.)